Different Dumbbell Workouts – A smart Exercise Style!

We are back with some other effective dumbbell exercises. You must have enjoyed your exercise with dumbbells that I shared in previous post. Let’s find out few other dumbbell exercises in the following post.

Pushup Position Row:

To perform this exercise, you will have to come into pushup position with your arms straight and hands resting on small dumbbells. Spread your feet apart for balance. Tighten your abs and pull one dumbbell up on the floor and draw it towards your chest until your chin is above your back. Pause over here then slowly return the dumbbell towards the floor and repeat the exercise with your other arm. You can exercise while holding one dumbbell only and repeat it with other arm.

Leg dumbbell Exercise:

Stand straight with feet 1 and a half feet apart, holding dumbbells in both hands at sides. Bend down like it that your thighs become almost parallel to the floor but avoid knees to turn inwards. Keep in mind to keep the black flat while lower back will be slightly turned inside with head up. Now bend down and get back to the upright position and repeat it as many times, your instructor has advised.

Shoulder Dumbbell Exercises:

Stand upright or sit on a bench with arms fully extended down and make your back to rest in a straight flat position avoiding even a slight bend. Hold the dumbbells over the head, now lower them down slowly till your shoulders. If I will make sense in angle wise then consider it, when your arms are at 90 degrees, pull the dumbbells back to over the head and repeat the exercise.

Chest Dumbbell Exercises:

Lying straight on floor or on any bench with knees up in bending position and stretch your arms directly above the chest straight. Hold the dumbbells and move your arms exactly in the same way, then lower down the dumbbells back to chest in a controlled pattern. Push the dumbbells back to the starting position and repeat the same exercise.

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